Myere 'OSLO' Blue Organic Cotton Travel Trouser by Meyer Style: 5552-17

$124.00 $93.00

This casual style Chicago trouser has a plain front, 2 hip pockets with button, bottom: 16 in. / 38 cm. The fabric is 97% cotton and is machine washable. The fabric lends itself to be worn during the darker evenings and with these warm tones I'm sure you'll agree these are a real must have for this season.

Why Organic Cotton?

Chemical pesticides & fertilisers are completely prohibited. No genetically modified plants may be used to grow organic cotton.

Organic cotton is more water efficient because organic agriculture promotes healthier soil that more effectively absorbs water.

Meyer® organic cotton is made from long staple fibres that increase durability when worn, which is also beneficial for the environment.

Organic cotton production encourages biodiversity & animal welfare and it helps in building local communities.