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Ted Baker is more than just a fashion and lifestyle brand. This company is synonymous with British quality and craftsmanship. Proudly made with British DNA, this collection of Ted Baker sunglasses embodies everything that is loved about this brand. Made for the modern woman, these sunglasses are seriously pretty and made to protect your peepers.

The ultimate selection of Ted Baker sunglasses

What sets Ted Baker sunglasses apart from the rest? Quality British craftsmanship and luxury at a great price. We have a fantastic selection of Ted Baker sunglasses. At first glance, this collection feels like a sweet shop, full of delightful pretty pastel colours. The shapes of the frames are a signature for Ted Baker, with a mix of square, aviator, cat-eye or single lens frames. The frames are made of thin metal, which is dainty but made to last. The frames and pastel lenses project that signature Ted Baker femininity that has become such an iconic part of the brand.

Every pair of Ted Baker sunglasses is made to protect you from harmful UV rays. The lenses come in either classic, gradient tint or polarised. 

Ted Baker: from men's shirts to luxury sunglasses

Ted Baker is anything but ordinary. The story begins in Glasgow, 1987 with the creation of a line of men's shirts. Since then, the brand has expanded into a fully-fledged fashion and lifestyle powerhouse, and Ted Baker has proved itself as a quintessentially British brand. The designs owe much to their British heritage, which has been adored at home and aboard. The brand now has a strong international presence with stores in over 35 countries.

Ray Kelvin, the founder of Ted Baker, wanted to create a brand that was fashion-forward and well-made without costing the earth. This ethos still runs through the brand. Every product is meticulously overseen by Kelvin, ensuring the quality and style never dulls.

The quality that people have come to love is found in every pair of Ted Baker sunglasses. They are made for the modern man at a price point that won't break the bank. You might already be a fan of this brand, but if not try our Ted Bakers for yourself and see what all the fuss is about.